Posted on November 4, 2015 at 7:00 PM

     There are times when you think you heard all the music...not quite, upon listening the most recent work of Mr. Patrick Yandall entitled  " Soul Grind" I was simply amazed and in a lot of WOW!! moments. The album has it all sound, soul and a lot of soul grinding  music to boot. The album starts out with the song My lady that has a very smooth licking sound mixed with that jazz beat that is unmatched rhythm. it makes you feel good , my feeling I get is just kickin' back on a saturday and has the full flavor of the spectrum of jazz music defined. 

     The album as a whole mixed with sounds of pop added to the strong feeling of really well produced and sounding  jazz adds a great new sound and dimension to the already smooth sounds that you hear and allows your music pallet to come alive.The sound continues throughout this track and throughout the album. Patrick adds his touch of unique flare on one of the covers on this album, "Human Nature" this really compliments  the surrounding instrumentation and Patrick amplifies that sound to a higher ground. The song forever keeps reinforcing the sound of deep soul grabbing that emulate a relaxing boat trip or open road experience on your favorite coastal road.. Room 335 adds a whole new dimension to jazz with the soul grinding bump sounds emitting from the guitar of Patrick that envelopes it all together.

     Say ow, really brings the sound of guitar to life with an opening solo that lasts for the first thirty seconds of the song, this adds deep blues intervention fused with jazz, by the time the song kicks into high gear it all goes to prove that Patrick Yandall has the talent that has you feeling it all the way through. Lay me down, slows the tempo down a bit and adds a cooling sensation to ones musical hearing, and allows one to relax and enjoy the talent, this really showcases Patricks true talent and ability of musicianship. More that I am, reaches well beyond the pinnacle and realm of jazz, it adds a sound that surpass the traditional jazzy horn and harmony sounds, Patrick brings to life these sounds to a new level. Followed up  with a cover of a Steely Dan song "Josie" just adds more punch to ones musical pallet. The song "bump this" brings all the album together and adding an element of jazz beats to the form in true jazz style. 

     Wrapping up the album "when Robbins fly", this song to me paints a true picture to the listener a vivid and heard experience and flows smoothly and flavorful with a sense of fufillment. All in all this album deserves your full attention, even if you are not a jazz person, this album is in easy words, "superb yet smooth" much like a great wine, one of the exclamations I used when listening to it for the first time was "one hell of an album". Patrick plays his music and paints paints a vivid picture of how jazz shuld be played  and heard, and sums this all up in a superbly fine album called "Soul Grind"

Steven F. Adams

c 2015

used by permission

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Reply Patrick Yandall
8:25 PM on November 4, 2015 
I am so honored to have my review of my "Soul Grind" release here. Please keep me on your mailing list since the music you have here is my kind of music!!! Patrick Yandall
Reply ★ Owner
2:33 PM on December 25, 2015 
Thank you Patrick for the kind words, I am just living the dream...along the journey of life