Posted on May 24, 2016 at 8:20 PM

     After reading and realizing who this woman really is I have been transfixed on her style. I have for the last four weeks been listening to the catalog of Larissa Tormeyand WOW!! what style and what sound that emulates from her voice. it has taken a little while for me to put into words on how to describe what I heard on her library of music. I can not even begin to compare her with anyone particular, and.. that's when it hit me. Larissa has her own style and voice that transforms her native sound of Russian that blends in the sounds of the Irish.

     Adding these two styles together you would'nt think you could have a sound. Once again WOW!! what a sound and phenomenal talent that showcases her classically trained voice at it's very best. A woman who grew up in Russia, fell in love with the Irish landscape and is able to express this through her tremendous talented voice and lyrics.

     Larissa expresses her talent through her unbelievable voice and adds flavor with her lyrics.  When listening to her songs her voice crosses both countries, Russia and Ireland, but comes out like one of the country artists that have just been heard on the radio. I feel this prooves who Larissa is. "Only A Woman" reflects just that. Another song "Nothing lasts forever"  is a song that makes you reflect on ones past or what one is going through right now.  These reflect who Larissa Tormey really is as a singer/songwriter.

     Another song in her repertoire "My Love is like a River", just flows ever so gently, just as the song says, and this song could and should fit right in with todays country radio mix. All in all Larissa Tormey is a supremely talented lady and in my opinion needs to be heard. When given the chance at all times I share her music with others and enjoy it as much as I do. To quote on of her cover songs " I'm gonna be a country girl again" written by Buffy Saint Marie and Larissa doing a great version of this. It's been " A long time coming" but well worth the wait. I am anxious for her latest music to arrive and I am happy to be on her musical journey with her.

Steven F. Adams

Sound Wave One

c 2016

used by permission

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