Posted on July 24, 2016 at 2:05 PM

     Tim Foster , a country guy with all heart and a fine musician at that, reflects his style of it's own. A Marty Robbins style and story telling  through poetry and expressed through the music and lyrics to match. Tim Foster and his latest album called "Clearwater" is the real deal, here you have a guy just singing about life and it comes out really good. I love the sound that is produced while listening to, it is, eclectic in style, but remains real and focused. As the album moves forward, you feel as you were riding out west with the cowboys of yesterday. The real "Poet of the Prarie", brings the songs to life and showcases his talent through music and great poetry. 

     Songs like "Ode to a Fisherman"  just a fine example of the feeling you get when you are being told a story and the story comes to life and you are in it. Another song from this album "Take me back to Texas" through song Tim and band sing and write directly to you and keep you in the moment.Tim really is the "Poet of the Prarie" and his album "Clearwater" is a fine example of just that. Tim throughout the album is a painter of words that paint the vivid picture for you and makes you feel that you are a part of his journey, wherever he is taking you through song, I am with Tim Foster on his journey to "Fisherman's Paradise" at the moment, however I am happy to be with him along his musical journey as well. Thank you Tim for allowing me to be a part in your music and looking forwards to hearing more from your many travels through your musical pallet.

Steven F. Adams

Journalist/Writer SoundWaveOne

c 2016 used by permission

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