Posted on July 24, 2016 at 6:30 PM

     After listening amd trying to piece it together and having "brain freeze" as a writer I finally got the words to describe this album. I listened to the album called "Love and Liberty" by an artist known as Tatiana Moroz. She starts off the album with a catchy song called "let it go". I really like the song and it has a real good music feel to it. I usually listen to an album a whole lot of times before I write any feelings down that way it has time to savor my musical pallet. I have noticed that the third track on the album had a familiar sound to it then I  really got into realizing that this song was from one of my favorite artists of all time,  Mr. Neil Young and the song that Tatiana does is a incredible rendition of "Heart of Gold" Tatianas voice just fits exceptionally well within this song. As I listened more to the album I noticed her writing style is one of those musicians that are deep writers and write from experience. Throughout the album Tatiana expresses just that. I felt her emotional journey through her lyrics and is projected nicely through her persusive voice. Tatiana on this album does a version of "The House Of the Rising Sun", and really brings this to life while adding her expressive voice to the song. There are some really great songs to be heard on this album, and Tatiana and her voice will lead you there. I really enjoyed the album and it's content. The one song I most enjoyed is a song called " Leaving Tomorrow", which to me expresses a lot of who Tatiana is as a writer and singer. Tatiana totally. She shows what a real beautiful artist Tatiana really is. This album is a real solid album and showcases Tatianas vocal arrangements, and that is the way I love to hear thought provoking albums. Thank you Tatiana your patience and allowing me to hear such an expressive voice and talent to boot. Also having me along your jouney of your music career.

Steven F. Adams

journalist/writer SoundWaveOne

c 2016

used by permission

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